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Ciao Roma! We are back...

It is kind of crazy, but Brad and I were in Italy less than a year ago. But, here we are back in Rome! Back in May our landlord in Chicago was pushing us to resign our lease. In the back of my mind, I kept thinking to myself, "do we really want to stay here another year?". At the same time, Brad and I really did not want to go looking for a new apartment to rent in Chicago. We were happy with our place, it had a nice backyard and was relatively cheap. But I had this thought...what if we moved out of Chicago? What would life be like, where should we go? We began by thinking about places we'd like to check out...we even travelled to Austin,TX and New Orleans,LA. In the end, we really loved those cities, but discovered they really did not offer us a much different life than Chicago and they just were not urban enough cities in general.  August hit us and we both thought, " what should we do? Where should we go?". Then, I said, "What about Italy?". Italy seemed to offer us so much more!! If we lived in Rome, we would have the big, urban city life that we loved. We could also continue studying the Italian language, but it a better way because we would be completely surrounded by the language. So, here we are! Of course, every day is a little hard not having my parents, sisters and nephews around. Besides that,  so far it has been a very cool and exciting adventure. Using our italian every day, discovering our place in a different city and making new friends!

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