Chicago Family Photographer: Lincoln Park Nature Boardwalk and North Ave Beach

After a bit of a winter hibernation, I am looking back on some of my favorite sessions from this winter! As a dog person, I am always excited for families to include their fur babies in their photo sessions. This adorable couple and their pup, Leo recently moved all the way from warm sunny California to Chicago in the winter. Luckily, we were all able to get together before the winter chill took over Chicago. The three of them could not be any happier to explore a new city together ♡

Chicago In-home Newborn Photography

As many of my clients know,  I work exclusively in-home and on-location for all of my photography shoots. For newborn photography, I feel an in-home session is essential for new parents just learning how to care for their new baby, for parents with multiple children under 5 years olds and for your new baby who is just experiencing life outside the protective and warm space of their mother's womb. To start off the new year, here is a simple in-home newborn photography session. ♡

Chicago Family Photographer at Keay Nature Learning Center

This year, fall seemed to pass by rather quickly, with an Indian Summer that lasted to October and then we were stormed with a lot of Winter-like weather throughout October and November. Luckily, I got a few great weekends for Fall Sessions. I always love discovering a new shooting locations. At this fall session, I visited Keay Nature Learning Center in Wilmette. A charming bridge that goes over a small stream and winding trails that go through a small forest. It is simply adorable especially for little ones, just learning to walk. Over the summer, this little guy just turned one and this adorable family of three has some exciting news! Check out a few of my favorites from their Fall Photography Session.

Chicago Pregnancy Photographer: Amanda & Nick

One of my joys of being a photographer is having the chance to reconnect and working with my clients again and again over the years! I first met Amanda and Nick when they were engaged and we did a fun session at Lincoln Park Nature Boardwalk and along  North Avenue Beach. Then last year I was honored to work with them again when they first learned that they were expecting their first baby. This time we met on a chilling winter morning at Millennium Park to shoot an adorable Pregnancy Announcement. And finally at the end of the summer, we met once again for a Maternity Session just weeks before the arrival of their son. I feel very blessed with loving couple and family.  Here is a little look back at their past and finally their latest session with me 🖤❤❤❤

Chicago Family Photography: Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool

I first went to the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool when I was studying at DePaul University. I was in a super rad bird science course and we actually went to the Lily Pool as part of our lab, caught and tagged birds. I was amazed that their were not only birds native to the midwest, but many birds migrated from South America for the spring. I am always super excited to shoot at the Lily Pool, especially for an adorable 3 month Photography Session. This little guy and is beautiful mamma and daddy were the best, I had to share a few favorites!!!

A momma, happy dad, a pup and a new baby: Pregnancy and Newborn Photography

I love when I am given the chance to photograph a happy family, both pre-baby and then just at the arrival of their new little one! I love seeing and hearing about the excited a couple has at their Maternity Session. Learning their birth plans, the babies room and the name they are planning or maybe just thinking about. For this happy new momma and dad we started at the Logan Square Memorial on a beautiful sunny spring afternoon just a few weeks before their baby girl arrived.  They came with their adorable pup in tow! And finally a few weeks later I got to meet their beautiful baby girl for an in-home Newborn Session. I was certainly in my happy place! Check out just a few favorites from both session ♥️♥️♥️

Chicago Family Photographer: Simone's 1st Birthday

I love first birthdays! I do not just see it as a child growing 1 year old, but it is a celebration for the entire family who have gone through the first year of their baby's life. This Mini Session was also a blessing because Simone was just a few weeks old when I first met her. 1 year later she is beginning to walk, talk and growing into an adorable toddler. It always feels wonderful to see my little clients grow and I hope to continue that with all my clients. For this session, Simone showed off her new walking skills, giggling along as we took a strolled through Lincoln Park's North Pond trail.

Chicago Pregnancy Photographer: Wynter is coming

With a busy year, comes a Maternity Session that I photographed several months ago. It was about this time last year that I found out I was going to be aunt again! My lovely sister and I had been talking about doing a little session for almost her entire pregnancy. However, being busy with the holidays, working and my sisters 2 growing boys, it did not seem like we could fit it in. I was just 2 days from leaving on a 10 day trip to Hawaii, not to mention my sister's Due Date was just a week a way but I got the call from a sis. I could not ask for a more beautiful momma for this session ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Chicago Birth Day and Newborn Photographer

This past year has simple been a new exciting adventure for me! I have started to offer Birth Doula and Birth Photography, which has always been one of my dreams.  Growing up in a big family having three sisters, my mom and her sisters and grandmothers I was surrounded by many wonderful female mentors. It's no wonder I chose a career of working with mostly women.  And so it simply was a joy to photograph this little guy at just a day old and later with his adorable older sister, which started as a Doula client and evolved to so much more. Here are a few favorites from two sessions. ♡

Little Wynter Jane

This past spring, my sister first told she was expecting again, but I already had a feeling! There was just something new, exciting and different about her, I knew that she must be pregnant. A few months later I had dream that she had her baby, a girl with dark hair! In my head, I thought that can't be with to older brothers who were both born bald and later grew beautiful blonde locks. Minutes before my nephews met their new little sibling, they were chanting "[It's a] Boy! Boy! Boy! Boy!". And to the surprise of my whole family a baby girl with dark hair was born. My family could not be, more in love.  ❤ ❤ ❤

Chicago Family Photographer: Lincoln Park Nature Boardwalk

On a frigid winter day in Chicago like today, I thought I would reminisce on this beautiful session that I shot this fall! The Lincoln Park Nature Boardwalk has become my favorite Chicago location for the sessions in the city, especially on an early evening. It has everything the Golden Hour at it's prime, lovely trails along a boardwalk and the lovely trees, plants and wildlife of Lincoln Park. Not to mention, this cute family of three, especially little Lyla carrying her favorite snuggly toy in tow. I had so many favorites from this Mini Photography Session ❤️

Chicago Family Photographer: Cantigny Park

Cantigny Park is always a dream location! A stunning park filled with beautiful gardens, architecture and greenery. I was so excited to see this sweet family of four. I first met Max and Mason when they were just under a year old and to see them chatting away with each other was adorable. It always warms my heart to see my tiny clients growing every year!

Helen & Tim's Wedding Photography at the Lighthouse Lodge B&B

On a warm fall night I was reminded of the beautiful weekend wedding I shot this past summer at the Lighthouse Lodge B & B in Indiana. I was delighted to discover Helen a few sisters, just like my self. However, unlike my family there were five sisters instead of just four! I really felt the close-family connection not only with the bride's side of the family, but also the groom's side and of course the little family of three with Tim & Helen's beautiful, 1 year old baby girl in tow. Finally, posting my favorites from this lovely wedding day.

Chicago Family Photographer: A New Baby

Welcome Baby Cruz! 

If you have followed me through Instagram or on my Blog this summer you may have caught some favorites from his parents' Maternity Session at the Lincoln Park Nature Boardwalk. You can only guess how excited I was to photograph baby Matteo. With all the anticipation,  he finally made his first appearance 1 week late!

I felt so at ease at Natalia and Jose's home. Even Chloe one of their puppy children joined in for a few photos. Glowing mom and dad looked so in love and baby Matteo was just as darling. It was so hard to choose my favorites for this one!

Chicago Family Photographer: Palmer Square Park Series

Long before there was ever a recreational loop for joggers, the  playground and the charming little stone animal creatures, I would stroll through Palmer Square Park with my sister, her husband and our pup, Beau.  A few years later, the park was renovated into what it is today. Living just steps from this park I took a little stroll with my sister and now nephew. At the time, I remember he had been enchanted by the song, "Little Bunny Foo-Foo". And so, Palmer Square Park got it's little nickname " Little Bunny Foo-Foo Park". 

As year have gone by, I spent a lot of time at Palmer Square Park. Photographing my nephews their, strolling through with my own pup, Macchi and even getting married to my hubby there. Last year, I started a my Palmer Square Park Photography Series and love it so much that I decided to offer the series once again this summer.

I was so excited to photograph this Mommy + Daughter Session, Chantille, a former High School classmate of mine and her beautiful daughter, Ava! The best part was that it was all a surprise to her husband. Just spending an hour with these two, I could sense how close, how loving and how special their relationship is. And I could not get over Ava's beautiful smile and sparkling blue eyes! So, I had to share my favorites from this lovely session in Palmer Square Park.