Family Maternity Photography at the Crystal Gardens

As winter winds down, I traveled back to one of my favorite indoor shooting locations in Chicago: The Crystal Gardens. Located in one of the most tourist places in Chicago, Navy Pier I always get a little tickled heading to this favorite location. As a city dweller, I always try to avoid this area on warm summer days when I know many tourist crowd the pier. However, I a cold winter morning it is one of the best hidden locations in the city. At 10am you will find a mostly quiet warm, sun-lit garden, perfect for a portrait session with one of my favorite families.

It was just two summers ago that I first photographed the Cruz Family, as they were waiting for the arrival of little Matteo. When I first heard he was going to be an older brother, I was so excited! You see, growing up my older sister, Jennifer and I were just 14 months a part and we were tied like a knot, best friends the moment we met each other. It was also wonderful to see how much Matteo has grown in just 1 year. And now I can't wait to see him with his little brother. You might also remember that I first met Natalia when I was in  college, studying abroad in Italy. So, every time we get together for a shoot, it is like a mini reunion. When we first met up for Natalia's first maternity session, Natalia and her hubby Jose had so much excitement and love in their eyes for each other and their soon to be new baby. Now as I watch them, it is wonderful to see them glowing and laughing over their love for him and his new little brother ♡