Chicago Family Photographer: Palmer Square Park Series

Long before there was ever a recreational loop for joggers, the  playground and the charming little stone animal creatures, I would stroll through Palmer Square Park with my sister, her husband and our pup, Beau.  A few years later, the park was renovated into what it is today. Living just steps from this park I took a little stroll with my sister and now nephew. At the time, I remember he had been enchanted by the song, "Little Bunny Foo-Foo". And so, Palmer Square Park got it's little nickname " Little Bunny Foo-Foo Park". 

As year have gone by, I spent a lot of time at Palmer Square Park. Photographing my nephews their, strolling through with my own pup, Macchi and even getting married to my hubby there. Last year, I started a my Palmer Square Park Photography Series and love it so much that I decided to offer the series once again this summer.

I was so excited to photograph this Mommy + Daughter Session, Chantille, a former High School classmate of mine and her beautiful daughter, Ava! The best part was that it was all a surprise to her husband. Just spending an hour with these two, I could sense how close, how loving and how special their relationship is. And I could not get over Ava's beautiful smile and sparkling blue eyes! So, I had to share my favorites from this lovely session in Palmer Square Park.