Italy : Hello Old Friend

Once again, Brad and I are back in Italy. We had talked about returning for months. With my temporary art teaching job ending in June, we thought what better time to make this jump. However with my wedding photography bookings we could only manage a two month stay. So, here we are in Italy again. It is quite refreshing and much more easy going this time around. One of our main reasons for staying such a long time is that we are still trying to learn Italian. The only way to become better Italian speakers is to be in Italy. I am really excited to be here! First of all, Brad and I have never been in Italy during the summer months, so it has been cool to see the different scenes; the seaside of Ostia, outdoor music concerts, riverside venues and festivals. As always, Brad and I are enjoying our days taking a ritual walk throughout the city. In addition, I am taking advantage of some new photography projects which include a 35mm film and Fujifilm Instax series. I hope to share more in the following weeks. Ciao, for now.


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