A New Adventure

As luck would have it, I got my first art  teaching gig! How I managed to pull this all off is amazing to me. First of all, I was interviewed via Skype. Pretty crazy, but I guess I made a nice impression. The only problem was the fact I was still in Florida and the job was back in Chicago. So I jumped on a plane and headed back to Illinois...leaving Brad in Florida. He would have left with me, but he had just set up an acting opportunity in Florida. I figured he would drive home solo or drive back with his parents. Fortunately they had some miles to spare and sent me ticket to fly back and then drove home with Brad. So I went BACK to Florida.We hung out for a few more days in Florida, soaked in the sun. Then headed out of Florida.  It actually was a nice ride back. I really prefer driving as oppose to flying. There was pretty bad storm leaving Florida, but besides that we enjoyed this one last trip before I got back to working. We even stopped by the Coco Cola Museum in Atlanta and visited our friend in Louisville, KY. A week later I started my first job as an Art Teacher, teaching Photography, Digital Imaging and Art 1. Although the job is only temporary and ends in mid-June, I am happy to get my foot in the door. The first week was hard, adjusting to the early morning drives and being at work full-time. My normal morning rituals have had to be altered. The little things like enjoying a nice warm cup of coffee are always on-the-go now. I have to prep myself the night before so that I can wake up and be ready to face the day at 6 am. The students and faculty have been very warm and welcoming. So far it has been an adventure and I am excited for the future.


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