NOLA Life is in sense I am unpredictable. People always ask, " what do you do?". We are expected to name the career or job that makes us money, pays our bills and so on. I cannot limit myself to my "so called" profession. Sometimes I'm a teacher...sometimes an artist...sometimes a photographer...I'm constantly all over the place. I recently went down to New Orleans to celebrate the completion of my student teaching and graduating with a Master's Degree in Education. Life was beautiful and I employed myself as a traveler, whether riding down a St. Louis Street Car to the Garden District or walking the streets with open eyes and searching for any hidden beauty I could find.   I kept seeing the words NOLA, inside my head I saying, "nola, nola, nola...what does that mean? Is it a slang combining the words "nah lens (New Orleans)". Well... pretty much. (N)New,(O) Orleans, (LA) Louisiana . Okay, I'm a little slow...when it comes to figuring out anything. But when I finally did I was like, "well, that's cool!".